Cookies Spread Happiness And Are Food For The Soul

Can we agree that a cookie a day keeps sadness at bay? Imagine how much happiness a gift of cookies can bring your loved ones?

Whether you’re gifting regular or gluten free cookies, here are some of the reasons why these sweet, crumbly or crunchy delights are the best gift for your family, friends, work colleagues or even clients. 

The Hassle-Free Factor

Finding the perfect gift for the special people in your life can be time-consuming and difficult. If you’re tired of gifting the same old store-bought body lotions and want to give something from the heart, cookies are the way to go.

But with work and life’s demands, most of us don’t have the time or the stamina to revisit our love for experimenting in the kitchen and baking traditional treats for special occasions. The good news is that quality home-baked cookies are available to order as fresh as if you’d just baked them yourself!

The ordering process is hassle-free. Simply browse our gift packs and select the box you feel would tickle the recipient’s taste buds the most. Add it to the cart, complete the payment and rest easy knowing that your beautifully packaged gift will be delivered right on time. 

Easy Pleasers

Who doesn’t love cookies? And not just any cookies ‒ gourmet cookies! Harking back to our childhood, nostalgia is the most prolific emotion that a cookie can evoke. Reminiscing over sweet memories is always nice, isn’t it? 

Cookies’ diversity, not only in flavour but also in texture, makes them the perfect addition to many other delicious desserts. We can upgrade an ice cream instantly by sprinkling crushed cookies into the mix. They give an otherwise ordinary-looking cake the “wow factor” by decorating it with shards of these yummy delights. 

And best of all, we can use cookies to spread our love by gifting them to loved ones. They make considerate, unique and delicious gifts.

There’s always something yummy in the oven at Funky Monkey Cookies. Go on and indulge your loved ones’ sweet tooths by ordering our delectable regular or gluten free cookies gift packs. Receive 5% off your first order!

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