Cookies For Every Occasion

Cookies have had a serious upgrade over the last few years. Forget children’s parties, late-night munchies or quick afternoon snacks. Cookies have some serious dessert credentials these days. From complex desserts by Michelin star chefs to famous cooking shows on TV, It’s easy to taste why they are so popular. With so many varieties, everyone has their own cookie story. And from the makers of the best cookies in Australia, we can’t help but agree with how well-loved they are. 

Here are some of the reasons we at Funky Monkey Cookies highly recommend our delectable cookies for dessert. 

Great Conversation Starter 

We think we know just why cookies fare so well with every generation, and it’s because everyone can start a conversation around cookies. From comparing scrumptious combos or recommending flavours, these morsels of goodness know how to break the ice. 

Cookie Counting 

No one wants to feel overwhelmed with all the calories they are about to consume when dessert rolls around. Cookies are an almost guilt-free option because the size allows for better portion control. 

Nifty Little Biscuits 

Cookies are usually a go-to for gatherings because they are so convenient to move around. Unlike other baked goods, cookies can easily be stacked and transported with minimal fuss. Besides, one doesn’t even need cutlery to munch one up and they pack quickly too. 

We Have Every Flavour Imaginable 

People all have different, unique tastes, and we try our best to cater to most of them. Cookies make the ideal dessert dish because there’s so much to choose from. Think white chocolate and macadamia, luscious lemon and even nostalgic PB and jelly. Whether you enjoy the traditional cookies or like the more adventurous combinations, there’s always a cookie for you. 

Every delightful bite instantly takes many of us back to a warm memory. The best cookies in Australia remind us of home, comfort and simple deliciousness. Our wide range has so many different flavours to try, with something for everyone. 

Discover why Funky Monkey Cookies make the best cookies in Australia! Browse through our range online and treat yourself today. We will make sure that every bite you take is a perfectly-baked, gooey delight. Every time.