What's A Wedding Without Cookies?

Everyone loves cookies, and they should be included in your wedding reception. Here are some ideas for incorporating wedding cookies and creating special memories for everyone.

Wedding Invitations

What is the most memorable wedding invitation you have ever received? You're likely to remember if it came with something sweet! Your beautiful invitations can be tucked into sophisticated ribbon-tied boxes containing delicious cookies. An elegant and tasteful execution! The box itself, as well as the ribbon or other embellishment, can be customised to suit your wedding's theme.

Choose a cookie flavour that is simple and understated, such as dark chocolate

After-ceremony Snack

The blessing of a marriage witnessed by your closest family and friends should be sealed with something sweet. In churches, temples and synagogues, guests are often given sweet offerings, such as sugared almonds. Regardless of where the ceremony takes place, bite-sized, ultra-sweet cookies can be arranged on platters and served immediately afterward.

Gooey caramel and rich white chocolate flavours are perfect for this stage of celebration!

Dessert Table

A traditional Wedding Cookie Table combines Polish, Greek and Italian traditions. It became popular because relatives and friends baked instead of the family purchasing a wedding cake. For newlyweds, the Wedding Cookie Table symbolises warmth and love from their families. This dessert table features cookies but does not exclude other desserts, of course! The table will be visited by your guests after the main meal and while the celebration is in progress, so a combination of exotic tastes and textures is recommended for your cookies.

Infused coffee, rich red velvet, and mouth-watering Nutella are some cookie flavours that guests will gladly gobble.

Alternative To Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake ceremony is one of the highlights of your wedding. A cookie made especially for this occasion can be shared instead of cutting into a cake. You can make it bigger than the other cookies on your Wedding Cookie Table and decorate it with an iced decoration or special message. Nowadays, newlyweds are moving away from the traditional wedding cake. In recent years, trends have included French Croquembouches, Pavlovas, cupcakes, macaron towers, and cookies. Tiered cookie stands or wedding cake-inspired towers are perfect for displaying your magnificent cookies. 

Combinations of rum and raisin and chocolate and crystallised ginger embedded in rich, fudgy chocolate dough are heaven on earth. 

Take-Home Favours Or “Bonbonniere”

The term ‘bonbonniere’ refers to a box containing sweets or fragrant items. Each guest can take home a large cookie or a batch of smaller cookies.  

What could be more tantalising than the classic chocolate chip cookie?

Funky Monkey Cookies offers delectable wedding cookies to satisfy everyone's tastes. Order online or contact us and find out about our scrumptious variety.