Why Our Gluten Free Cookies Are Good For You

If you are sensitive to products containing gluten or have been diagnosed with coeliac disease, you will know how important it is to your well-being to follow a gluten free diet every day. The good news is that you don’t have to give up glorious treats thanks to Funky Monkey’s gluten free cookies

Food labelling laws in Australia are strictly applied, so any items labelled as “gluten free” can be consumed with confidence, and know that they are indeed free of gluten. This includes gluten free cookies. 

Keep reading to find out why when you order and devour your gluten free cookies, you can sink your teeth into them absolutely guilt-free. 

Eating Energy

Those who cannot tolerate gluten also usually experience constant fatigue, as gluten triggers an immune reaction that prevents individuals from absorbing essential nutrients. Because we eliminate gluten from our cookies and use natural, more wholesome easier-to-digest ingredients instead, you’ll actually be fuelled with energy after consuming them. They make excellent lunchbox snacks for busy workers or studious kids who need an extra boost to get through their day. 

Safe For Stomachs

Does this sound familiar? Before being diagnosed with gluten intolerance, you may have been troubled by the constant symptoms of bloating and stomach pain when you ate. When eaten in moderation, our gluten-free cookies are safe for stomachs sensitive to gluten and will keep you feeling happy.

Sensory Satisfaction

Not only do cookies satisfy sweet cravings, but they also satisfy our senses! From the classic chocolate chip to white chocolate & macadamia, gluten free cookies look, smell and taste as delicious as cookies made with gluten ‒ probably won’t even be able to tell the difference! Whether soft or crunchy, gluten free cookies also have that sought-after texture that makes your mouth water for more.

If it’s time to tickle your tastebuds with treats, place your order online with Funky Monkey Cookies today for all your favourite cookie flavours from our delectable range of gluten free cookies. We also offer gluten free pick and mix cookie packs that make the ideal gift for the gluten free guys and girls in your life!

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