Caught Red-Handed In The Cookie Jar? Only If You Want To!

Hunter Valley is known for its delicious food, and cookies baked in Hunter Valley are the best! Their creators bake them from scratch and know you want to keep them as fresh and sumptuous as the day they were baked. Their TLC guarantees that you receive home-baked goodness, all beautifully packaged and a delight to behold. 

Thoughtful Bakers Do More Than Just Bake

Much joy, thought and precision goes into creating flavour-bursting cookies. Considerate bakers take their craft seriously, and each cookie is wrapped individually in the appropriate packaging. The reasons and benefits are varied: 


A crisp cookie’s arch nemesis is moisture. Too much air ruins a cookie’s integrity. That’s why each Funky Monkey cookie is individually wrapped to preserve its delightful crunch and prolong its shelf life, so you can enjoy them whenever you want to.  

Flavour Conservation 

Are you aware that more robust cookie flavours can overpower milder ones? It’s prudent to store different flavours separately because intensely scented cookies will seep into others. Luckily, even our typically strong-flavoured cookies like musk or mint don’t have overpowering scents but still tickle your taste buds.  

More Hygienic  

Ready-wrapped cookies are protected from direct hand touching, which prevents the spread of germs from one cookie lover to the next.  

Easy To Share 

Sharing is caring, right? Individually wrapped cookies make it easier to divide them up and distribute them evenly, or hand them out to guests who love receiving them as party favours!

Facilitates Easy Home Storage  

For added measure, cookies already in their self-wrapped form may be stored in air-tight containers, like a tin, ideally at room temperature. There’s no need for zip-locked bags or wrapping them with foil. 

Funky Monkey Cookies Make Cookie Jars Defunct!

Our team is confident that our cookies are wrapped and packaged just right. That is until you’ve ripped them open! You don’t need to invest in a cookie jar or endure an embarrassing red-handed cookie jar scene. Slip a few individually wrapped cookies into your coffee table’s trinket box or your pocket and enjoy them in your sweet time. 

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