Thank Employees & Clients With Custom Cookie Gifts

We don't need a special occasion to reward others with something special as a token of our appreciation or recognition for their contributions. Gifting thoughtful and tasty cookie treats to hard-working employees, loyal customers and clients will be met with massive gratitude and delight. Nothing beats a cookie delivery at the workplace to lift one’s spirits and brighten a gruelling or intense day. 

The Benefits Of Gratitude In The Workplace

Giving or gifting someone something special impacts our self-esteem and confidence because we feel secure enough to recognise goodness and outstanding performance. We focus on the positive attributes of our peers, staff and collaborators, which creates group cohesiveness. Showing gratitude also stimulates motivation and nurtures relationships.  

Customised Cookie Gifts Are The Perfect Appreciation Gift At Work

Customers and clients will love corporate cookie boxes as gifts because they are a thoughtful and personal touch. Imagine the feelings of pride and boosted morale in your workplace when a team member or group receives such a kind and unexpected gift! These individuals have dedicated their time and energy to a pressurised project or a successful sales deal, and rewarding them with cookies is a no-brainer.

Bringing Joy With A Funky Monkey Cookie Delivery 

A cookie moment makes tea-time work breaks memorable and joyful. Whether your team needs a morale boost or you want to show gratitude for excellent work, a surprise cookie delivery of a box (or more!) of our sumptuous crispy cookies will be met with appreciation. 

Our cookies come in various flavours. You needn’t stress over choices and preferences because our gift packs are well ahead of the game. Pick and Mix Packs, Funky Taster Treat Boxes and Funky Flavours 6 Packs make for a tasty variety. The latter includes gluten-free biscuits. 

Special care and attention go into each of our cookies every time. We pride ourselves in introducing seasonal and monthly flavours to ensure our funky attention to customers’ satisfaction is consistently top-notch and exciting! 

Make a lasting impression on your valuable people by sending Funky Monkey Cookies. Our special cookie deliveries are the perfect way to say "thank you" with sincerity. Contact us and let’s customise your corporate cookie gift today!
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