The Cookie Culture Society

When you think of cookies, the chances are your face will beam with a smile, and your mind will transport you to fun-filled thoughts. Positive memories emerge from a Pandora’s box, brimming with sensory imagery. Something as simple but exquisitely delightful as a surprise cookie delivery to your front door can unleash the cookie culture in you!

What Is Cookie Culture?

It’s a phenomenon best described as a glorious attitude laced with nostalgia towards all things crumbly, delicious and unique ‒ also known as the cookie! Cookie culture is acquired over time, which is why memories and sensors play a significant role. 

As with any culture, the cookie culture is also one of association and does not necessarily only include the taste or texture of cookies. A glass of cold milk, a hot cup of cocoa, a hotel tea tray, or even your favourite school teacher from years gone by might conjure up images of cookies in your mind! That's why cookies are so awesome: they connect you to the core of what makes you happy and alive.

Traits Of A Cookie Lover

To be a cookie fan, you don't have to be a baker, ingredient expert or pastry snob. All you need is enthusiasm, a passion for happiness, and cookies! You fit the bill when:

  • You know a gift of cookies is the best surprise to spoil a loved one.
  • Cookies bring you comfort.
  • Cookies always come to the rescue when you don't know what to make for dessert.
  • Despite skipping sugar in your hot beverage, you always enjoy a cookie alongside it.
  • Secretly, you know which cookie flavour best describes you!
  • You’re not quick to judge but can tell a lot about a person from their choice of cookies. 

Sugar & Spice: Join The Club Where Everything Is Nice

Now that you have a name for your cookie craze, let’s lay all the cards on the table: your cookie collection is never complete! As a cookie lover, you need a haven of plentiful supply and a cookie family that understands your desire for delicious creations. Funky Monkey Cookies is a family full of spunk and might. We bake our yummy cookies with the freshest ingredients, and our treats come in the most delightful combinations.

Browse our divine cookie selection and order your favourites today! Our cookie delivery surprises ensure that your biscuit shelf is always filled with the best cookie treats! We’re cultivating a cookie club, so drop us a line and we’ll notify you once it sprouts!