Why You Shouldn’t Doubt Your Decision To Buy Cookies

So, you’re in dire need of a yummy gourmet snack from heaven, and so you’ve decided to order cookies online. Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. Funky Monkey Cookies are going to change your world. 

In your heart, you know this to be true, but you’re hesitating.

Your cursor is hovering over the “order now” button, but you haven’t clicked it yet. You’ve heard whispers on the wind about how cookies are bad for you. A million health and nutrition gurus have cried out, telling you to refrain from eating cookies and everything else that’s delicious in order to get those washboard abs.

What they haven’t told you is that those washboard abs are actually a sign of malnutrition and that in eras past, the only people who looked that way were the gaunt and starved peasantry who spent their days labouring in the fields or mines for a meagre copper coin or two. 

Let that rabble of misers be silenced, lest they sap the joy of living altogether!

Let us review the marvellous wonders of cookies here and why you should most certainly buy and devour them without a second thought.

Mankind’s Greatest Achievement

Cookies are one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Sure, we have computers and cars and cellphones, and we even went to the moon. But arguably, nothing on this planet can bring a person as much instant joy as a scrumptious cookie – ideally paired with a glass of milk or a cup of tea. It’s simple. It’s elegant. It’s unbeatable.

A Bite Of Diversity

Cookies come in an endless variety of fun and appealing designs and colours. Whatever your aesthetic sensibilities, there’s a cookie out there that will appeal to them. 

What’s more, the variety of flavours and combinations of flavours are also just as diverse and inventive. What better reflection of culinary ingenuity and originality is there than cookies?

A Multiplicity Of Applications

Perhaps you just want a delicious snack to munch while you’re on the go. Cookies are perfectly portable and compact little treats for eating in the car, on a hike, at your desk, on the treadmill, at a concert, on an aeroplane, in a meeting, in bed, or wherever it is you happen to be when the snack attack hits. There’s really no time or place that’s inappropriate for a quick cookie.

Traditionally, however, cookies are an ideal snack to bond with friends and family during tea time or after dinner as a dessert.   

The point is, where you eat them, how you eat them or with whom you eat them is largely irrelevant. Cookies remain eminently delightful regardless.

If you want to order cookies online, then you needn’t hesitate any longer. Funky Monkey Cookies have all the scrumptiousness and variety you could dream of. Order a batch now!