Make Your Gender Reveal Party Special Using Cookies

Here in Hunter Valley, cookies are our speciality. We at Funky Monkey Cookies have a wide array of scrumptious gourmet cookies for all manner of occasions that we ship to all corners of the continent every day. 

One of our most popular cookie options is our gender reveal cookies. These delightful cookies come in either strawberries and cream flavour or salted caramel flavour. Aside from being delicious, what makes these cookies so special is that the colour of the inside filling is a most mysterious secret to all except the person who ordered them ‒ either a friend of the expecting couple or their doctor. These cookies can be either blue or pink inside, denoting either a boy or a girl, and you will only know which once you take a big delicious bite.

Here are some tips and ideas for putting together your gender reveal party and how our gender reveal cookies could take the occasion to the next level.

It All Starts With The Ultrasound

At about 20 weeks into your pregnancy, doctors will be able to determine your baby’s gender with confidence. When the doctor asks if you want to know the gender of your little angel, ask him or her to write it down rather and seal it in an envelope. Then give that envelope to a trusted friend and let them order either our pink or blue gender reveal cookies. You could also ask the doctor to do it. Check our website for details on how.

Of course, if you want to know the gender ahead of time and would rather simply leave the surprise for your guests only, then you don’t need to worry about all the cloak and dagger stuff. Just order the cookies yourself.

Plan The Party

Next comes the usual fun party planning stuff. Start by setting a date for the reveal and choose the theme ‒ which will traditionally consist of an even mix of blue and pink decorations. It’s also fun to play a few games in advance of the big reveal, just to build a bit of anticipation.

Choose a date far enough in advance of the baby shower and due date so that people have enough time to buy gender-appropriate gifts. 

Choosing your gender reveal method ‒ the big moment that everyone at the party is waiting for ‒ is probably the most important part. The whole event hinges on this moment. Our gender reveal cookies are the perfect way to announce the surprise. Order enough cookies for everyone at the party to each get one. Then on the count of three, everyone takes a big juicy bite to reveal whether it’s blue or pink inside.

It’s that simple!

For your gender reveal party, order our delicious Hunter Valley cookies to help make your event a little more special and memorable. Order your gender reveal cookies from Funky Monkey Cookies today!

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