When You Buy Cookies, Think About Where They Originated

We all love to buy cookies and enjoy their delicious, crunchy flavours. Have you ever wondered where cookies were invented?  Read on for some information on the history of cookies.

The Word “Cookie”

In the early 1800s, the word cookie came into use in American English, meaning a small, flat, sweet cake. It is derived from the Dutch word koekje, meaning small or little cake. In British English, a cookie would be referred to as a biscuit.

One story goes that before baking a cake, a baker would place a small amount of batter into the oven to test if the temperature was right.  

The History Of The Cookie

Small, hard baked goods have been documented all through history since baking was first recorded. Their popularity lay in their ability to stay fresh for long periods and travel well without breaking. But these original cookies were not sweet by today’s standards.

The rise of the sweet cookie is connected to the increase in cultivation and usage of sugar as long ago as the 7th century in Persia. As travellers explored the world, so did cookies follow.  

By the 14th century, they had spread all through Europe and were interestingly in widespread usage throughout all sectors of society, from royalty to street vendors.  

Hard, dry cookies known as ship’s biscuits were a sought-after staple on every sea voyage undertaken due to their ability to remain fresh for extended periods.

The cookie in its commercial form began during the Industrial Revolution when it began to be viewed as a product suitable for mass production and distribution. Some long-standing cookie manufacturers date back to the 1830s.

The popularity of these versatile treats continued to grow and expand to the rest of the world, and you will find them under different names in every culture.  

Today, cookies come in many different flavours, shapes, sizes and colours and are made with a huge variety of ingredients. Perhaps they are the single most popular snack in the world!

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