Learn More About How Gluten Free Cookies Are Made

If you have excluded gluten from your diet, you will have done your fair share of searching for gluten free products, including cookies. The good news is that gluten free has become very mainstream, and there are many options available to suit your needs. 

Read on to learn more about gluten free baked goods and how they differ from their “regular” counterparts.

What Flours Contain Gluten?

Flours that contain the protein gluten include barley, rye, oat (unless labelled gluten free), wheat and spelt.

What Is The Role Of Gluten In Baked Goods?

Gluten can be thought of as the stretchy glue that holds the dough together. It gives structure to baked goods, and it allows the dough to be shaped into a variety of products, including cookies, cakes, pastries, breads and pizzas.

So How Are Gluten Free Baked Goods Made?

Without gluten in the mix, the result might be either a very tough or a very crumbly cookie. So, to create a delicious gluten free cookie with a regular cookie texture, it is possible to find substitutes for the flours that contain gluten.

Gluten free baked goods are usually made combining a mixture of gluten free flours such as rice, buckwheat, chickpea, coconut and almond flour mixed with, for example, some tapioca or potato starch. Other possible additions include xanthan gum, guar gum and ground seeds like chia, psyllium or flax.

Good News: Gluten Free Cookies Are Delicious

For the vast majority of the population, the thought of never eating a cookie again is too horrible to consider. However, if you are sensitive to gluten or have opted to remove gluten from your diet, you will be delighted to find that the most delicious cookies can be made without gluten.  Your favourite online store has perfected a range of gluten free cookies to satisfy the cravings of even the fussiest cookie connoisseur. 

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