Feel Good With A Dose Of Cookie Therapy!

If you aren’t having your best day, week, or year, it might be time to consider some therapy. And while you are now probably thinking about traditional counselling or relaxation techniques, we are suggesting a different form of therapy – the lesser-known “cookie therapy” that can be achieved with a cookie delivery to your door.

Read on to learn more about the mystical powers of cookies and their ability to heal, lift spirits and nourish the mind and soul.

The Familiar is Comforting

There is nothing like the familiar flavour of our favourite cookie to transport us back to the simpler times of our childhood and all the happy memories. This nostalgia has the powerful effect of creating a soothing, safe space where we can relax and promote our own emotional well-being. 

Find your favourite cookie flavours here.

Eating Cookies Mindfully

When you feel stressed and overwhelmed, make the time to enjoy your favourite cookie in a mindful way. Take small, deliberate bites and stop to focus on the different flavours and textures popping in your mouth. Roll the cookie around with your tongue and savour every sensation slowly.

Eating mindfully can generate a sense of groundedness and peace, helping to establish a connection between your body and mind in a positive and relaxing way.

Sharing Cookies Spreads Happiness

Giving and receiving cookies can help foster better interpersonal bonds with family, friends and colleagues. They can be a means to start an awkward conversation, make amends after an angry argument, or just be a symbol of your love and support for those around you. Sometimes just the act of sharing is enough – no words are required. 

Keeping Things Balanced

While some see eating cookies as an indulgence, it is important to remember that moderation is vital to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Your overall sense of well-being is enhanced by occasional treats that are enjoyed as part of your balanced diet and active lifestyle. 

Place your cookie order, also available in gluten-free and gift packs, with Funky Monkey Cookies today for your next cookie delivery, all made with love. Treat yourself and those around you to a dose of happiness and joy derived from some much-needed cookie therapy. Experience the comfort of the familiar as you munch mindfully on your favourite flavour.