Curated Cookie Gift Boxes Are Firm Favourites

Have you ever wondered why the simplest things in life are often the most coveted and desired? This phenomenon also applies to gifting and receiving gifts. When a gift is thoughtfully crafted and unusual, it makes us feel appreciated and valued. It is for this reason that receiving cookie gift boxes from Funky Monkey Cookies feels so warm and comforting.

The History of Cookie Gifting

Odin, the most revered god of ancient Norse mythology, had an eight-legged horse named Sleipner. Children secretly hoped Odin would reward them for their kindness by leaving gifts outside for Sleipner during Yuletide. A century later, during the Great Depression of the 1930s, parents encouraged their children to leave cookies and milk for Santa. Children were taught about gratitude and generosity even in times of extreme economic hardship. There are many countries around the world where Santa’s cookies and milk are still a tradition.

A Nostalgic Treasure

Through the centuries, cookies have evoked nostalgia, which is synonymous with comfort and more straightforward values. Consider how precious the special ingredients were back then. There was a time when dates, nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, and even sugar were rare items imported from Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries. Each cookie would have been a sight to behold and a delicious treat to enjoy!

Rekindling The Joy Of Life's Simple Pleasures

One thing that makes a gift seem significant and heartfelt is if it is unusual or precious. Time is such a valuable commodity in today's society, and exotic gift ideas are plentiful. Yet, we yearn for simpler things in life. A handcrafted and baked cookie represents so much more when it comes to memories, stories and heartfelt longings. You can't go wrong with a sweet gift of home-baked quality cookies for your loved ones. 

There’s no need to spend hours preparing your gift, nor do you need to worry about which flavours to choose and which ones they will enjoy the most. Our gift packs allow you to mix, match and accommodate picky eaters! With so many choices, including gluten-free options, you'll be spoilt for choice!

This festive season, choose happiness and treat your friends and family to our delectable cookie gift boxes. It's delivered with care and they’ll enjoy it with love and appreciation. Browse our cookie selection. You might just be tempted to buy yourself a few!