Cookies and Conversations: Cookies For Every Occasion

Are you in the mood for cookies but struggling to find enough options to satisfy your palate or suit your dietary requirements? Don’t compromise on the small joys of life, even if you’re after gluten free cookies!

Funky Monkey Cookies offer an incredible variety of mouthwatering, sensational delights that will make your taste buds swoon with pleasure. We also cater to all types of occasions and needs.  From friends and families sharing conversations on cold winter evenings to corporate gatherings and weddings, we guarantee crisp cookie excellence.

A Cosy Winter Celebration 

With a cold season on the doorstep, it’s time to capture the spirit of those winter evenings.  What better way than to put your feet up in front of the fire with a good book in hand or a movie to watch with your bestie? Adding a steaming mug of your favourite evening drink and delicious cookies to dunk and devour is sure to bring you comfort. 

Our Iced Vovo promises a not-to-be-missed, soothing exploration of taste, while our Black Forest cookie offers the tastebuds a flavour-filled symphony deserving of applause. S’mores serves up a surprising gooey centre, oozing with sweet flavours of memorable cosy nights, while Malt Madness shines with an exquisite combination of malt and milk chocolate.

Experience Our Cookie Joy

We do gift packs! Gift that special teacher with a Teacher’s Treat or surprise dad with a Mystery Pack. Mums are sure to love The Favs, while a Pick N Mix pack adds a special element of fun, allowing your curious kids to pick twelve of our unique flavours. Our huge variety makes choosing cookies a fun experience and the receiver of your gift will surely be delighted. 

Gluten Free Cookies: Art, Science, or Just Pure Deliciousness?

Does an allergy or health concern mean missing out? It doesn’t need to! Funky Monkey Cookies packs their gluten free cookies with pure deliciousness. Gluten intolerant friends on the look out for a grand cookie, you can enjoy total satisfaction, without the side effects. 

Try our White Choc & Macadamia option, made with our original gluten free cookie dough. Better still, splurge on the Pick ‘N’ Mix 6-pack to try our full range of gluten free cookies for a variety of delightful tastes and textures.

The rise of our online cookie boutique brings choices to your doorstep. Mmmm! So many to choose from, so little time. Order Funky Money Cookies today, and discover your new favourite sweet treat!

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