What Your Favourite Funky Monkey Cookie Says About You!

We have been delving into the psychology of food choices and have discovered a few interesting facts. One of the significant factors affecting our perception of food revolves around our senses. How does the food taste and smell? Is it visually appealing, and what does the texture feel like in the mouth?

We are happy to report that if you are looking for the best cookies in Australia to satisfy your senses, you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, we will reveal some interesting facts that we have discovered about the different types of people that love our different types of cookies. Read on to see if you can find out what your cookie preferences say about your cookie personality.

The Peanut Lover: Sensational Snickers Cookie

If your heart flutters at the sight of a delicious peanut cookie, you are a go-getter with a bold personality. You are determined and confident and a true inspiration to others with your hard-working nature. You also have a unique way of making everyone feel comfortable around you.

The Zesty Lemon: Luscious Lemon Cookie

Much like the tang of lemon, your vibrant personality brings sunshine to everyone's day. Your positive attitude is contagious, energising those around you to join in on your next adventure.

The Rainbow Sprinkle Supporter: Fairy Bread Cookies

Your playful spirit and endless optimism adds smiles and laughter to the dullest day. Like your favourite cookie, your personality radiates bright colours as you look at the world with the wonder of a child, finding joy in the little things life presents.

The Striving Chocoholic: Triple Chocolate Cookie

The rich flavours of this cookie personify your passion and intensity. Your determination and attention to detail make you a super-achiever, always striving to reach your goals. And your tremendous enthusiasm goes a long way toward inspiring those around you to reach for their dreams too.

The Caring Caramel Fan: Caramel Crush Cookie

If you can't resist a caramel cookie's classic flavours, you are a timeless person who values traditions and the simple joys of life. You are reliable, and your warm nature is the glue that holds your family and friend groups together.

We hope you have enjoyed our fun cookie personality test that reveals a little more about you, our fabulous customers. Whichever Funky Monkey cookie is your favourite, remember you can order the best cookies in Australia online with free delivery on orders over $100.